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TIPBV is butterfly valve brand of tipvalve industrial Group Ltd.,has been providing high quality butterfly valves and related services for water supply and drainage£¬engineering£¬power£¬chemical£¬metallurgy and other industry fields over ten years.

TIPBV Providing customers with professional valve solutions for rigorous working conditions. To meet customers requirements,TIPBV has been providing corrosion resistant,low or high temperature resistant,abrasion resistant and special material valves suitable for various media.

TIPBV meaning reliability and excellent quality,have won good reputation and great popularity in global markets.
Tipvalve Industrial Group Ltd. was founded in 2006, current registered capitals are USD2000000.The factory covering 20000㎡, and there are two factories with modern factory buildings, producting and testing facilites, strong R&D, technical and engineering capacities.

TIPBV specializing in butterfly valves’ production, research and development, sales and service. Offer the professional butterfly valve solution in rigorous working condition for customers, especially in atrocious working condition, sea water and other corrosive media. TIPBV is widespread recognized relying on rich experiences and technical support.

Our services include direct heating, LNG, offshore platforms, high pressure chemical, sewage treatment, desalination of sea water, chemical, corrosion media, water treatment, steel industry, municipal water, oil&gas, industry of fine chemicals, industrial, air separation, extreme low temperature condition, extreme high temperature condition, Iron and steel smelting, circulating cooling water, power plants, oil & gas processing, refineries, hydrocarbons storage & transportation, chemical & petro chemical plants, power generation, pulp & paper, steel mills, desalination plants, water treatment & distribution, water supply service, solar thermal electricity, co-generation, extreme high temperature. In order to ensure the product quality and service.TIPBV established a perfect quality management system and a quality assurance system.It has been certified by national special equipment manufacturing license, ISO9001, CE, API607, API6FA , ISO15848 fugitive emission certificate etc.

TIPBV focus on standard production while keeping continuous developments of new products according to EN, ANSI, API, DIN, ASME and ISO standard.TIPBV has strong R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and customer service systems.

TIPBV has strong design and development capabilities, advanced production facilities, excellent processing and testing equipment, perfect quality management system, good teamwork spirit to ensure the performance, quality and delivery.

In the long experience of operation, TIPBV has established strict and normative quality management and control system to meet the demands of customers all over the world.Every product TIPBV creates, reflects our passion for precision in delivering superior solutions. We support our customers with innovative, efficient and optimizing solutions that bring success to both our customers and ourselves.

We supply elastomer lined central line butterfly valve, central line butterfly valve, butterfly damper, double offset butterfly valve, non-renewal seat unidirectional laminated seal triple offset butterfly valve, non-renewal seat bidirectional laminated seal triple offset butterfly valve, non-renewal seat unidirectional soft seal triple offset butterfly valve, floating seat bi-directional laminated seal triple offset butterfly valve, floating seat bi-directional all-metal seal triple offset butterfly valve, soft seal triple offset butterfly valve, solid seal triple offset butterfly valve, soft&solid seal triple offset butterfly valve, district heating triple offset butterfly valve, LNG high performance double offset butterfly valve, offshore platforms triple offset butterfly valve, high pressure chemical double offset butterfly valve, low pressure chemical center line butterfly valve, extreme high temperature double offset butterfly valve, high temperature triple offset butterfly valve, strainer and other special application valves. The material of valves includes Titanium alloy, Nickel base alloy(Hastelloy, Nickel, Inconel, Monel), Zirconium alloys, Nickel aluminum bronze (copper nickel alloy, tin bronze, brass, etc.) and (super) duplex steel, SS 904L, SS310, SS321, SS347 and other corrosion resistant and heat resistant alloy.

At TIPBV, we strive to provide customers with high-quality, specialty valves, whatever butterfly valves you are looking for, TIPBV will offer you with best solutions.