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High temperature Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Series 3110

SIZE RANGE: 4”~64”(DN100~DN1600)
PRESSURE RATINGS: 150Lb~300Lb(PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64)
CONNECTION: Double flange / Butt weld
OPERATION: Worm gear / Pneumatic actuator / Electric actuator
SOLUTION: Unidirectional Laminated Seal Triple offset

• Bubble zero leakage • Renewable seal • Resist chloride ion • Extremely long usage •
Bubble zero leakage Disc seal ring was achieved by torque force evenly loaded on disc soft seal edge which has function to assure zero leakage in both hydrostatic or air test per API 598.
Renewable seal: Sealing ring can be respectively maintained and replaced after accidental damageThis replaceable Seal ring allows for a dependable tight seal and a longer service life.
Resist chloride ion: For the marine environment the valve material chosen by TIPBV is resistant to chloride ion corrosion
Extremely long usage: The principle of operation incorporated in the TIPBV triple offset valve is geometry in motion. Both the seat in the body and the seal on the disc are surfaces of a cone which is sectioned at an angle. The valve shaft is located slightly to one side of the seat center and above the plane of the seat. Its center of rotation is also somewhat offset from the axis of the imaginary cone which extends from the surface of the seat.
When the valve is closed the surface of the seal and the seat are in full contact at all points. Any effort to try to further close the disc (rotating it into the seat) increases the sealing force and tightens the valve. This allows the valve to achieve a bi-directional seal.
Opening the valve (rotating the disc away from its seat) results in the seal moving away from the seat at all points eliminating galling and minimizing seat/seal wear. TIPBV valves feature true non-rubbing seating surfaces for long life and tight shutoff.